Christians 4 Israel

PURPOSE: The PURPOSE of c4i is to call Christians to express love in action to the people of Israel.
MISSION: Our MISSION is to present a biblical perspective of God's plan for Israel and the Church.

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Heart to Heart Ministries

Heart to Heart Ministry Centre La Crete is a charitable counselling organization in La Crete Alberta  that is committed to assisting individuals, couples and families find freedom in three main areas: emotional problems, spiritual problems and spiritual strongholds.

Heart to Heart Ministry Centre is a faith ministry and is supported entirely by contributions from those who are committed to sharing in the responsibility of our ministry

For more information visit: http://www.hearttoheartministry.ca/

Charagua Bolivia Ministries

Rudy & Doreen Neufeld and Martin & Margie Friesen serve with Avant Ministries in Charagua, Bolivia.

Their goal as missionaries among the Charagua Mennonites is to reach them with the saving faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ, to plant a church and to minister to those needy souls in the five colonies in the Charagua area.

They go out into the colonies to do visitations, Bible Studies, encourage the Christians and hand out food baskets. Radio is also a wonderful tool to reach into those homes where electricity and electronics are forbidden. They do Platdietsch (Low German) broadcasting from Monday to Friday nights and on Sunday morning and Sunday night. 

For more information about the Charagua Bolivia Ministries visit: http://www.charaguaministries.com/